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Taking screenshots from movies

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Couldn't you just watch a DVD on your computer and press 'prt scr'?

I really have no idea! o_o

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I had a media converter that took each frame of a movie and made it into a .gif .jpg, or .png but I uninstalled it and can't remember what the name was...

thats probally what I want, thanks Ill see if I can find somthing like that on a search engine

and when I just press prt scr it I usually have it paused to get where I want and its blurry

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Try slowing the video first as much as possible, then take the screenshot. This will give you more time to pause in a clean frame.

There used to be a bug in WMP whereby you took the screenshot, paste it elsewhere, crop it to size, save, then when you resume playback the screenshot would 'update' as the video played even if you moved the window and the menu bar would be in place instead the saved screenshot would show the menu. Very annoying.

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