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Ability to save history

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Have you ever worked on an image, saved it, closed PDN, then re-opened your file, forgot that you needed to come back in the history and make some changes, and found out your history was deleted?

I suhhest we find some way to save history -- which could take some plumbing, and maybe a new file type.

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If I had a penny...

A very useful feature it would be, but this is why having each element on it's own layer is advisable. Admittedly, after applying a greyscale to a picture, closing down and reopening, you won't be able to undo that effect so a saved History would be useful but...

a similar topic[/url]":88b2e]There was a thread awhile ago about persisting the History between sessions, and I gave explanations as to why this would not be a good thing to do.

Please use Search to find it.

Says it all really, doesn't it?

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