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Paint .NET, truly brilliant. Just want to give feedback to the whole community, it is great! I have always loved all the profesional PhotoShop software, which I used to only be able to use at my school.. it costs of course. Now I have found Paint.NET. it is EASIER than the profesional ones that cost money, it is user friendly, and heck, most of the time it's clear what does what, you don't need to read the manual every 5 seconds.

Hopefuly this is will be updated even still :D

it is a great programe thanks for making this 8)

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By the way . Question. How do you merge so two pictures become together ?

can't find that option :?

ive done this before, when I had two monitors I had to put together two wallpapers into one image.

get the resolution of the first image, and multiply the width by two. So if the first image was 1024x768, then you'd create the new image as 2048x768.

Now, open windows explorer and find the image, drag it into Paint.NET and select "Add into Layers". This is your first image. Now, find your second image and drag it in too. Also select "Add into Layers" again. Now meet up the sides and save. :D

hope its clear enough lol ;)

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