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Save all layers?

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I want to make an animation with png's with alpha, where each layer will be one frame of the animation. Is there a way to save layers as an image sequence(...0001,...0002,...000X) automatically?

(I noticed that the icon-plug in was able to do something like that, but not for full screen png's)


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No, you would have to save each layer individually. You can do this either by hiding each other layer (uncheck the boxes), flatten (Ctrl + Shift + F), save then Undo as to regain your previous layers or select all (Crtl + A) on the desired layer, Ctrl + C to copy, Ctrl + Alt + V to paste that onto a new canvas then save that.

If you're wanting to save all the layers under one file name don't forget that Paint.NET's own file type (*.pdn) will preserve all your layers, layer names, blend modes, order etc., this is handy if you wish to come back to the project at a later time.

Hope this helps you.

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What I do is I make a canvas setting, a point where I can make all the changes and I memorize where it is in the history. I make each frame from there, once I finish a frame I flatten it all and save the .gif as "whatever1.gif" , then I go back to that point in the history and make the second frame, then flatten my layers, before saving as "whatever2.gif" and so on. It makes it a lot easier with a long animation.


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