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plugin locations and filing

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Just a quick question/suggestion...

A lot of times on the "plugin" page, I see someone saying "wouldn't this plugin be better in a different folder"...

How hard would it be for the next release to make it so that the USER can file their plugins rather than the designer of the plugin.

Perhaps by simply putting subfolders of their own within the "effects" folder?

This way, if I don't like the placement of a plugin, I can simply move it myself.

Just a suggestion.


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Hey! Great idea!

In fact, its so good, its one of the most requested:


and, Rick is working hard on it for the 3.20 version.

Ability to organize/manage effects -- This one's interesting. Now that there are so many plugins available, people now need the ability to organize them, like into sub-menus or something. Will probably make it into a 3.x0 release (3.10? 3.20?)
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