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Installation problem after restall

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Hay Guys,

excuse my bad english, but i'm german so, sorry


The problem:

I installed Paint.NET and worked with it about 10 months. Then i tried to install a german help, but maked a mistake. So i destroyed Paint.Net! I tired the deinstaller, but it dont work, so i maked it each file. also in regedit! Now i tried to reinstall it, now error calls first: "There is a problem wth this windows nstaller package..." three or for times. Then "A network error occurred while attempting to read from this file: C:\...\Paint.NET\Staging\PaintDoNet_245902075.msi"

Then the installaton beaked, what stands there mmeans something like that: While installated a failure occured. (1603)

Big Mistake in inatallation

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Yea, pretty much what Ghost ranger said. Go to the intallation sticky at the top of this section, or just click here. Scroll down to the second post there, and do exactly what it says. The Windows installer cleanup thing should fix your problem.

EDIT: You accualy dont have to delete c:/program files/paint.NET. Just use the installer cleanup thing.

I'm still alive!

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