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transparent shadows and blurs

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i searched high and low for a thread about this so i apologize if it has already been discussed and i just missed it.

my problem is that i want to create an image that has a transparent blur. i don't mean that i want layers underneath it to bleed through, that i can do. i want to make it so that when the image is placed, say, on a web page, the background of the page will show through the blur. that's probably a terrible explanation so below are images to demonstrate what i mean.

this is what i have in paint.net:


and this is the same image on a web page:


they are GIFs so i didn't think this would be a problem.

any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks

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GIFs only allow 1 specific color to be transparent, and it only allows complete transparency. If you try to set it at even the tiniest bit less transparent, it becomes opaque. Save it as a PNG, which allows partial transparency like you need. Keep in mind, though, that Internet Explorer 6 will not show transparent PNGs properly. I.E.7, Firefox, and most other significant browser will show it fine, though.


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