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Please teach me how to feather

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There should be a link in the feather thread to download it. c:/program files/Paint.NET/effects is where you would put the dll that you downloaded. Then once its installed, the feather plugin should be under the effects thing at the top middle of paint.net. I think its under blurs.

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I know what feathering does. I don't know what buttons to push to make a feathered effect. Do i need to highlight the image?

Ex: stamp button- you press on the stamp button in the tools bar and to use it you line up the cursor and press ctrl then place the cursor over the object you wish to cover.

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Ok I have the feather icon in my effects, that is not the problem. The problem comes when I click on feather it give me a wee box that has a scale that says feather amount and another scale that says grow shrink.

I do some adjusting, but nothing is happening to my image.

My question is... do I need to highlight my picture for the feathering to take effect or do I have to press a special button?

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I downloaded the feather plug in and put it into the effects folder and I did the same with drop shadow.

I opened Paint to make my first attempt at using these plug in. New to Paint...so I'm still finding my way around.

I went to effects to find both of these plug ins and neither are showing. I just under blur but they aren't there.

Any idea what I did wrong. I drop shadow was a .zip file and I opened that.


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Please don't bump threads.

For your problem-

Make sure you don't drop the .zip into the Effects folder, rather drag the .dll inside the .zip into the effects folder.

Restart Paint.NET if it was running.

Go to Effects - Blurs and you will see feather as one of the first effects in that menu.

Go to effects and scroll down until you see drop shadow. Its a little closer to the bottom.

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I did exactly as you said.

I decided to start over and download the feather .dll to my desktop and drag it to the Effects folder. Its now in the Effects folder along with the Alein .dll and the Drop Shadow effect. Nothing else is in that folder.

I restarted Paint and went to effects....no feather effect nor drop shadow effect.

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