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How to make complicated border?

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I need some help making a border on my sig.

I'm gonna use BuzzKill's sig for example.

I want to know how he made that border, all that complicated looking gray is all I want to know how to make.

Please and Thanks.


Credits: BuzzKill (I hope you don't get mad to me for using your sig)

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Try this:

1.:FileNew: new image 500x150. Fill it with white.

2.:DuplicateLayer: duplicate the layer and fill it with dark grey.

3.:RectangleSelectTool: make a selection from 1-2 pixel(s) from each borders and delete the selection. you should have a rectangle with transparent in the middle.

4.:Plugin: use the drop shadow plugin x:0,y:0, blur:10.

5.:AddNewLayer: add a new layer and repeat this with a smaller rectangle...

Instead a simple rectangle you could create more complex shape (like BK!)

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