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How would one go about creating a Font Stroke? [Solved ^^]

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Actually, FrEaK, that would not work well at all.

Janet, try typing out what you would like in the color you wish to be in the middle. Then, duplicate that text layer. You'll notice that after duplicating, the top layer is selected in the Layers Window. Select the layer below it, your original text layer. Invert the color of the text by way of Ctrl+Shift+I. Don't worry about the color right now as this is only done so we can differentiate between the two texts. Gaussian Blur that layer. A 4 - 6 pixel radius usually works well. Now that the bottom of the two texts is blurred, duplicate it, the bottom one. Now merge the two blurred texts together. Duplicate that merged layer. Now merge those two. You can now see the beginnings of a border around your original text. Repeat as necessary until you are satisfied with the results. After you are happy with your border, select the bottom of the two text layers and open up the Hue / Saturation dialog (Ctrl+Shift+U). Now adjust the Hue until you are satisfied with the color. All that is left to do is to flatten (or merge). There you have it.

EDIT: You can do what Ben describes below but the results are not very sharp or clean.

The method I describe above yields much nicer results:



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1 Create a new layer,

2 type in your text,

3 change your color to the color you want the font stroke to be,

4 apply Effects - Outline,

5 fill the outline with the desired color,

6 merge layer down.

this should get you something like this:


Is this similar to what you want?

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xD Thanks Everyone.

Buzzkill, your method worked nicely :3 I could even turn the color with the conditional hue/saturation into this nice rainbow gradient bkqk5.png

Ben, your way was easier, but Buzzkill is right, his way yields nicer results xP bk2br2.png

And pyrochild o.o That outline object plugin is amazing <3 bk3rl9.png

Still, thank you everyone ^^ Now my sister can make her Disney celebrity myspace layouts :roll:

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