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100% Completely confused

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I got this thing because I was told it was better than MSN paint

I thought that I would be able to use it right away, but I've been in it for a little while and can't figure anything out.

I have been reading the tuturials, but they are not really helping me

Can you give me some basic advise

I am trying to make a logo

how do I rotate an object w/o the entire page rotating

and whn I select an object how do I make it so it does not cover up another as i move it

can nayone help me with some beginners advise.

Thank you in advanced

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Select the object, then right-click with the Move Selected Pixels tool

As for your second question, just cut the selection (Edit>Cut or Ctrl+X) and pate it into a new layer (Edit>Paste in new layer or Ctrl+Shift+V).

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Using the Rotate / Zoom (Ctrl+Shift+Z) feature will provide much nicer results when rotating...

Just be sure the object you wish to rotate is on it's own layer. You can read about Rotate / Zoom and Layers here.


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