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i have a question guys/girls about recoloring a photograph

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I found I could do it by:

1. Selecting the coloured parts of the car with the magic wand

2. Use Adjustments > Hue / Saturation to bring the saturation down to zero (makes the car gray)

3. Use Adjustments > Curves on the RGB setting to get the car to the colour I wanted

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Curves would work nicely. Go to Adjustments > Curves & then at the top there's a drop-down menu, choose RGB & uncheck the green & red boxes then move the line until it looks good.

It may look better if you lower the green & red values too.


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ok (sorry to keep askin quetsions) but i got it grey and now i just can't get it a good color.. i want it like a baby blue but i try usin the recolor tool and ti dosnt' really work and the levels didn't go well for me either

Now that you have it black and white, try the Color Balance plugin:


I find it much more intuitive to use then Curves.

Click to play:
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