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I need help with making a flag-waving effect (not 3D)

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Hi! I'm new, and I've been using Paint.Net for a lot of my graphical needs (I modify open source games, make websites, and other stuff). This time, I'm at a roadblock in a project I've been working on, because I need a flag-wave effect for a flat image. I've tried a bunch of ideas to try to simulate it (because I have to slowly animate each frame of it I actually draw), but I haven't gotten anything. Can anyone help me in any way?

Example: My Avatar

Edit: And yes, I used Search (icon_mini_search.gifSearch) to try to find what I was looking for, and went page to page in the Tutorials forum, but still couldn't find what I needed. =|

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Maybe you post a few frame of what you need to do, so we can see it, and maybe easier to help you.

Did you try to re-seed using Jitter plugin?

And from looking at your Avatar, the flag only have each section moving up and down to give the look of waving...

Is the up and down what you wanna do? or another look?


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Okay, I need something like this:


(Simple Xor I know)

Except able to duplicate the effect, and create a smooth animation. When I try duplicating the effect (either applying the same effect again, or just setting the waves further), it won't become smooth.

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Not easy but you could try with the tube effect:


1. Select left-half the picture and apply a vertical tube effect +10.

2. Select right-half the picture and apply a vertical tube effect -10.

3. go on and change the value...

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I tried it, and it doesn't work properly, and now it seems nothing is going to work. I'll keep trying and messing around, but I'm not sure I can get what I'm looking for. Thanks for the help (everyone), though.

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