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I ordered my Zune about a week ago. Do you all know what color they give out, is it random? I really want a black one, I just don't want to end up with a pink one. :shock:

Also could I order a Zune leather case, a tote bag and PGR3 on a different account, but to the same address?

About the color, I'll let you know when mine comes in. I'm not sure if they offer faceplates but it seems like they would, or at least I hope they do.

As for a different account with the same address, I couldn't tell ya. Logical wisdom says use the one account to be on the safe side.

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Though this may be 3 pages deep I thought I would go ahead and tell everyone I did get my Zune. It's not a scam!

*looks up, says "thank you"*

I got white, but hey it matches my 360! Anyways just thought I would inform you all. =)

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