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anyway to delete a user account?

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Well, seeing that I unfortunately was in rant mode when I made my previous topic, resulting in looking like a complete n00b, and that my question was answered (the reason I registered in the first place), I'm looking for a way to delete or remove my user account.

Now I'm not talking banning, because that wouldn't allow me to re-register under this name in the future if I ever wanted to, such as if I actually DO compile a version of paint.NET 3 that runs on Win2K.

So yeah... how can I delete my account? Or does a mod/admin need to do it... which would be the exact people that aren't exactly happy with me... >_>;

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In most cases, that's what happens when you get banned. I believe in this forum, all of your posts and topics get deleted if you're banned.

Your posts get deleted, but your topics only get removed from view.Tthe topics you started can still searched on based on content from other users' posts in them.


Take responsibility for your own intelligence. ;) -Rick Brewster

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