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I'm gonna be killed for this question... why no 2k support?

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First off, don't close this topic just because it's asking about support for an older OS. THAT'S NOT THE POINT OF THIS TOPIC.

But, if the reason for not allowing 2K to run paint.net IS because it's an older OS and not supported by Microsoft... Then apparently you aren't including extended support as support, because 2k pro will be under "Extended support" until 2010.

Anyway, the point is, why is it that paint.net will not RUN on Win2k SP4? What prevents it? As far as I know, Win2K and XP run applications pretty much the exact same way, seeing that XP is basically a graphical and more user-friendly version of 2000 pro. (also with a few extra backwards compatibility features, and has... um *cough*memoryhogging*cough* features) In fact Command & Conquerer 3 has a simple Win2K patch that edits about only 8 lines of code that allows it to run on Win2K, yet the game is supposed to only run on WinXP.

I heard someone say that it was to take advantage of .NET 2.0. I'm running that right now, and if I wasn't, I wouldn't be able to run some apps. (too bad I forget which ones >_>) In fact I even have .NET 2.0 on Win98SE O_o Also it can't be .NET 3.0 because that's just 2.0 with Vista support.

So really, why not just allow installation on Win2K instead of preventing it, and maybe just have a message saying something like "Windows 2000 SP4 support is UNTESTED, use at your own risk." Unless there really IS something that only works in XP SP2 and not 2K SP4.

I'm just looking for clarification. Every time there's a "why no support" topic, it's normally about why support was dropped. I'm just asking why the program actually won't work.

I hope you understand and don't just lock this topic saying "this has come up many times and has been answered before" BECAUSE IT HASN'T. I searched for 2000 in this forum, clicked every topic result before the 3.0 release, and found no answers...though I could just be really blind, which then I deserve a banning for my pure stupidity. >_<;

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I could just be really blind, which then I deserve a banning for my pure stupidity. >_<;

You said it...:roll:

You're basically saying that you deserve to be given all of the reasons why support for that OS was dropped. You don't.

Rick has his reasons and it is all well beyond the point of reconsideration.

Also, having been here for a while, I have seen somewhere where Rick went into a relatively detailed explanation on why Win2k was dropped, so obviously you didn't search well enough....No, I am not looking it up. ;)


Take responsibility for your own intelligence. ;) -Rick Brewster

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From what I have gathered over the last 10 months of being part of this forum, it would be too much work to provide support for an OS with such a small audience.

If you really want support for Win2k, download the Paint.NET source code and start editing it. There's no other way besides upgrading to XP.

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It's because Windows XP is not just 'W2k with a Luna theme and W98 backward compatibility'.

Some librairies are missing, like WAI which Paint.NET use for printing, and some variables are different.

Paint.NET v<3 included some W2k specific code allowing it to run on this OS.

During Paint.NET 3.0 developement, a major part of the application was redesigned and W2k support was dropped, so the code was clearer, hence its developement was faster.

There's also a testing issue, because with the coming of Vista, PdN would be run on 3 systems, before being said as stable.

Also, if you look at the roadmap page, Paint.NET 3.20 (the next big thing) will 'make use of and require the .NET Framework 3.0' to offer HDPhoto support.

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Your avatar was too large. I have removed it.

Your attitude is, in general, pretty sour. Like barkbark00 said, this has been explained before. If you want it to work in Windows 2000, then go download the source code and hack it to work yourself instead of coming in here and complaining about it like you're entitled to it.

Thread Closed

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