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codeLab and soap bubbles?

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I followed the bubbles tutorial. It was pretty easy to follow.

But I got stuck in the part about the soap-effect. The part about using the

codelab plugin.

It says:

12. With the codelab plugin, load the radial color code.

(or copy/paste the following code)

I don't know how to do that. I have tried since yesterday to figure it out by myself but I just don't get it.I copied that stuff and pasted it ,but nothing happens.I tried all kinds of things

I know it says 'for advanced users' but I really like those soap bubbles. I could use them in my collages...

Could someone explain it to me in Baby-steps what I have to do, please?

Maybe post a screen shot when the codelab window is open?

I would really appreciate that.

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1. Go to BoltBait's Codelab page: http://boltbait.googlepages.com/codelab

2. Read it carefully, there are lot of information and tips.

3. From the BoltBait's Codelab page you could download the last CodeLab version.

4. You could download the CodeLab samples (including Radial Color) from the BoltBait's Codelab page.

5. I have everything installed like this :

CodeLab.dll is in C:/Program files/Paint.Net/Effects/

Samples sources files are in C:/Program files/Paint.Net/Effects/Samples/

You should have the same!

6. Open Paint.Net

7. Go to the menu Effects and choose CodeLab

8. Click on the button 'Load Source'

9. Find the folder C:/Program files/Paint.Net/Effects/Samples and choose the file Radial.cs...

That's it!

Doing this you will find other interesting samples you should test!

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