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Trying to get a melted chocolate effect?

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As per the guidelines I have searched and the closest I came to an answer was something about icicles.

Basically I have a banner (For a site) and it has a chocolate theme.

The banner is 860px X 95px and I am trying to get a 'dripping chocolate' effect, so it looks like one end of the banner is melting down the page.

My efforts at this can be seen here:


It is actually made up of two images, the banner and the 'dripping chocolate', which is just in a table on the right hand side of the page.

As can be seen here:


Well this just looks horrible and I can't figure out how to get the desired effect.

The dripping bit is what I can't get right and I don't know where to start with it.

Ideally it should be a more lengthy 'drip' and maybe not as wide but heck, I'd settle for something that looks halfway decent at this point.

Any help is appreciated.

I am using v3.08

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