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Newbie here looking for some help

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For more information on how to use the Magic Wand tool take a look at the section in the PDN help file; paying particular attention to the use of the Tolerance (you'll find it in the toolbar at the top of the screen). Lowering the tolerance will select less of the image.

Additionally, I would also refer you to this tutorial on Cutting out images, the easy way. I use this method a lot.



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Just a suggestion. But I feel it gives text a bit more pizazz, if you will. :)

If you put your text in a layer of its own, then duplicate the layer containing the text. Then add a bit of glow to the bottom text layer, it gives the text a bit more imphasis.

You may already know how to do this, I apoligize. I just thought I would make the suggestion.

Edit: Doing this will give you somthing along the lines of the text in this sig.


The layers window should look somthing like this.

Layer 2: colored text (any color you like)

Layer 2: colored text (any color you like) with a bit of glow.

Background: Image you wish to lay under your text.

Once again, that is just a suggestion. Heed it, or not, just a suggestion.




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