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best quality when creating an image

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I am a fashion deigner and use paint.net Whilst my clients do not complain, I think if I knew how, I could make the images look sharper, cleaner, all in all, better quality. I don't know my way around resolutions etc etc. Can anyone help achieve what a I want to achieve. Clean images where the lines look nice and smooth and not a little bit pixelated.



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Posting some example pictures will go a long way in helping us help you.

But in the meantime, have you anti-aliasing enabled (:AntiAliasingOn:) as this will make any lines appear smoother? You will see a symbol like above (or like this: :AntiAliasingOff:) next to the fill style and underneath the units drop down on the main interface with the line tool in use. Click the icon to change the mode.

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