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Kodak Camera and Quicktime...

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I've had my camera for awhile now. It's a Kodak EasyShare CX7525

(here's a nice happy picture of it!


Anyway, on to my 'problem'. To my knowledge, it only saves the videos I take with it in .MOV format (I'm aware that it's a camera and not a camcorder, I still enjoy recording videos with it).

I use Windows, and Quicktime doesn't seem to like working with me. So I can't really do anything with my videos.

Not that I actually know how to edit videos, but how will I ever learn without experience? :P

Moving right along...

Are there any good .MOV converters (preferably... ok, exclusively, the free kind :D~) or maybe a way to change the format my camera saves videos? Any help on that would be appreciated.


Now the barrage of super-obvious solutions that I overlooked may begin!

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