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Brand new here...

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I just got this program a couple days ago, and I'm real impressed with some of the stuff you guys have put together. I haven't had much luck witht the fiery letters, but most other things I'm figuring out ok. Here's a couple I've started with:





working on tag-


business logo-


LOTS of fun! Thanks all you guys for this hints n tricks!

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I'm glad you enjoyed the progam, we all have loads of fun with it. :)

On a slightly more serious note, the rules of the forum say that you are only allowed to have an avatar that is 100 pixels wide, your avatar is more than that so please resize it or change it before it gets removed by one of the moderators.


Son, someday you will make a girl happy for a short period of time. Then she'll leave you & be with men that are ten times

better than you can imagine. These men are called musicians. :D

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