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Divx update launches when FILE > OPEN > DESKTOP

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im using XP SP2 all updates

Paint.net 3.08

i have removed and reinstalled both Paint.net, and Divx player and codec.

it still happens.

whats happening is, that when go to

FILE>OPEN, and click the DESKTOP button

in the system tray the Divx update launches.

does this happen to anyone else?

I love Paint.net, but this is a major hassle.

any help would be greatly appreciated.


yes, im a real person, not a spambot.

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Sounds like a bug in Divx.

The File->Open dialog is provided by Windows, and for the thumbnail view it will look at whomever is registered to provide thumbnails for a given type, and have them prepare the thumbnail. In this case, the Divx software is providing the thumbnail for any Divx movies that are on your desktop. This probably entails loading up the Divx decoder in order to extract a representative frame from the video. And the Divx decoder may not have any context as to how it's being used. So it probably tosses in its tray icon automatically, and does an update check.

So, please send this bug report to them. It is not a Paint.NET issue.

The Paint.NET Blog: https://blog.getpaint.net/

Donations are always appreciated! https://www.getpaint.net/donate.html


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you probably have an avi or divx file on your desktop, when you go to file open and if you have it in thumbnail view or other options like that, the file is accessed and when it is divx will run the update since it scans all the files to generate thumbs if they are pictures and videos as well. I think that is the reason.

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Okay, I have stumbled upon a workaround.

instead of launching Paint.net FIRST,

and then using the menu to find the pic i want to work on ,

merely just find the pic ( do not launch Paint.net)

then right click on the pic's icon and choose Open With, then select Paint.net.

problem solved!

just reorder the procedure.

and quit using the file>open>desktop menu.

thanks for the explanation about Divx, and its locating the first frame bit.

it explains to me and makes perfect sense.

im not about to start a feud between Divx and you guys, lol.

thats one shooting war better left unstarted.

...but if anyone else wants to pursue it, :twisted: be my guest !

Have Fun!

Paint.net ROCKS! :lol:


yes, im a real person, not a spambot.

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