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WIP:LensFlare (ymd:070628)


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Please Hurry! I've been wanting this plugin for years! (but I'm to lazy to learn how to program in C++++ {Why can't we just use Python, it's much more efficient!})

Design can be art. Design can be aesthetics. Design is so simple. That's why it's so complicated.


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Work in progress situation (before vaccation)

(credits to Ash for the Skull!)


I've changed my mind for this plugin and instead drawing each pixels, I'm using Ellipse (circle).

So exit the 'flakes'...

The source of the light is determined by scanning each pixel from top-left to bottom-right, lines per lines.

The first whitest pixel is assumed to be the source of the light.

From this point, I'm drawing 7 source flares + 7 symetric flares (=14 circles).

All circles are center-aligned on a line going from the source of the light to the center of the image.

You can't change the shapes, the quantity of flare, the center (as reference).

you can change the distances, the diameters, the transparency...

If you need to place the source of the light yourself, follow these steps:

1.Add a new layer.

2.F4, set the blend mode to Additive.

3.Fill the layer with black.

4.Spot a pixel with white color where you need the source of the light to be...


Advise: Save your work as often as posibly (in temporary folder if you want...) this plugin is still work in progress!

No risk to use it if you have a backup...

Test it, play with it and let me know. It works best with dark images...


New plugin LensFlare.dll

Here is the zip for the DLL

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I tested the new version for a couple of days (thanks for sharing, last but not least) and to be honest, I prefer your first (?) version much more. I know it is work in progress, but the first version was more impressive (in my eyes). Maybe the solution would be to combine the old and the new version?

Still I would be very happy to see a plugin to render some of your beautiful stars, MadJik. I tried it myself using the code you've provided, but results were more then poor :( (consequence of the fact I have no knowledge of this matter...)

It would not be so much work for you, as you have the code, superior knowledge and resources I don't have. And I believe it would be easier than these lens flare project.

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I've changed my mind for this plugin and instead drawing each pixels, I'm

I think that is what makes the first version looks better. The circles can only have one color and even if the color is semi-transparent(?) you get those hard borders, which don´t look as good as the GIMPs G-Flare.

I think you can make it smoother/softer(what ever is the right word might be....) if you use many circles with a small increment. But it would be even better if you draw the border pixel per pixel or don´t use circles like the first version.

I don´t know how fast it is, still not testet. Maybe make a quality and a speed mode?

@Fisherman´s Friend: I thought Madjik already made a stars plugin, just a little hidden in an other plugintopic. But this may be not the stars you mean.

[EDIT]And sorry for all the critisim, I just thought it may help. I love your plugins and hopefully I have the time to test this on and the GenTree soon.

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