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how many files can paint.net open at 1 time?

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As many as you want it to. I believe that PDN could essentially open an extremely large amount (infinite? But that's just taking the biscuit) of pictures at any one time, but then your computer would drag to open them and keep them open. The amount of pictures to open simultaneous depends really on your computers ability.

My suggestion is to not open many pictures at a time, perhaps two or three first, then two or three later and so on.

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Yeah, it's not something fixed ('you can open X pictures and no more'), it depends on your system, principally your RAM, and the size of the pictures, pixels-wide speaking (cause when you open an image, it fill your ram, qed).

So maybe some high-end computer can open 10000 small images, but a old slow one may not be able to open three 1600x1200 wallpapers.

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