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The Cellphone thread!

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Bah. They aren't worth as much as they say. Just go here:


EDIT: Well that sucks. 2 years ago they had rebates so big that you actually gain money when you purchase a phone. I got my silver Razr (the only color at the time) for -$40 (after $80 rebate) with a free headset.

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my phone is extremly basic but thats fine because i use my psp for everything else ;) oh and as far as the iphone, you know theres going to be a better. cheaper phone a couple months later so it's pointless to try and keep

up with every new bit of technology that comes out, just go for the milestones ;)


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I have a RAZR camera phone and bluetooth on my laptop. It makes transferring pictures a snap.

I also have a tiny bluetooth ear piece. I avoid using it unless I'm driving as I don't want to look like the Star Trek fanboy that I really am. 8)

I have one 2! (bluetooth ear piece) I were it everywehere though,just cause its so much easier. I'm running a wonderfull LG VX8100 which is in OK condition...


Durable too! You should here my storys... lol

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