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How to Bend Text?

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Hello folks!

Sorry if this is a pretty standard or new question, ive tried searching but i keep getting all sorts of complicated text related posts thrown at me :P

I am really new to graphics, and due to much hype and recommendation have decided to start tinkering around with my first graphics program... paint.net!

However, the first little project ive given myself is to create a logo/badge/emblem for a Football team near me (Soccer), and ive come across abit of a stumbling block.

I want to bend text to go round a circle, or go with a circle inside it, is there anyway how to do this? or a plugin? i cant seem to find any sort of option to do so.

If someone could help out/point me in the right direction it would be appreciated :)


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There's the hard manual way that I know of.

Select the middle column of pixels. Shift these down 1 pixel.

Select the pixel columns right next to these. Shift these down 2 pixels.

Keep doing this, but double the amount you're shifting down each time.

Once you're done, apply manual antialiasing.


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