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Questions that have a DUH factor

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I hate asking question that have a "DUH" factor. I can find my own way with many things but it is the easy stuff that is the hardest to find an answer to. Somebody help me before I start stabbing baby kittens please. I closed my color wheel and don't know how to open it again.

Next month my computer will be 1 year old. The first question I had a burning desire to know the answer to was, "Do you leave your computer on or turn it off?". I have come a long way since then but the questions I want to ask most still have that 'DUH' factor.

Just so you know. I can download the plugins, I can get them in the right folder, I can even unblock them. I am on such a learning curve my mind is numb. I have so many questions. My next thing is zipped files but I am going to try and find the answers myself before I ask.


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Usually, you can see/hide the color wheel with the F8 function key. (That's how I do it.)

But, every once in a while it really gets lost. In those cases, in the Window menu, click on the top option that reads, "Reset Window Locations".

That should do it. :D

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In the "Windows" Menu at the top of the screen there is a list of all the different panels (tools, layers, history & colours), all you need to do is click the one that says colour. :)


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