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Rectangular Photo/Picture Adjustment Plugin For Box Sides

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I've absolutely no programming skills for Paint.net so I don't know if the suggestion that follows is feasible.

Wonder if a plugin could be done to adjust a rectangular photo/picture using the x,y co-ordinates of the four corners. This would be extremely useful when adjusting a photo to the sides of a box using MKT's plugin.

The x,y coordinates of the new position could be easily determined from cursor positions over the four corners fof the new location.

If this is possible, fitting photos/pics to the sides of boxes would be a breeze!

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Thanks for replying but I've tried that plugin and found it too difficult to adjust a picture to the side of a box without having to cheat and cut off bits and pieces later.

Was hopeful for a plugin wherein we input the old and new coordinates of the top right-hand corner, top left-hand corner, bottom right-hand corner and bottom lef-hand corner, and wondrously the plugin adjusts the photo from its old location (old coordinates) to its new location (new coordinates).

May be too monumental a task but since I'm no programmer I thot I'd ask and see!

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