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Stitching photos?

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make a big canvas and copy and paste the separate photos on different layers, then you can select all of the photos and press ctrl+shift+x to crop to selection if there is any white space left.

if i understand your question


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Well, if all your pictures are the same size, that makes it much more straightforward.

Open all four of your images in Paint.NET. Take the first one, the one you want in the top-left corner, and select Image -> Canvas Size. In the dialog that appears select By Percentage at the top and type 200 into the box. Select the upper-left corner in the 3 x 3 grid at the bottom of the window, and click OK.

Now your image is twice the size it used to be and your first image is in the upper-left. Now switch to your second image. Strike [Ctrl]+[A] to select the entire canvas. Now strike [Ctrl]+[C] to copy the selection.

Switch back to the first image, the one you resized, and strike [Ctrl]+[shift]+[N] to create a new layer. Paste your second image into the new layer with [Ctrl]+[V]. This places the second image on the second layer in your first image and switches you to the Move Selected Pixels tool automatically. Click and drag or use the arrow keys to move the second image into place. Strike [Ctrl]+[D] when you're done to remove the selection.

Repeat for the remaining two images, for each one moving it to the correlating area of the large 4-panel image.

I hope that helps!

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