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FunFacts thread!

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Funfact: Stephan just enjoyed seeing liquorice and other sorts of sweets melting in the microwave :D

Funfact 2: Stephan ate the molten candy

Fanfact 3: Stephan liked them :D

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FunFact 1: I know a guy named Jim who is never late. He likes people smiling at him and enjoys a good pair of slacks too. When he is 25, a doctor will tell him he is something we like ot call, mentally retarted.

FunFact 2: EvilNeko is only throwing jokes around ^^


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FunFact 3: I think this thread should be changed to a bio post. Giving the people an opportunity to get to know one-another (not having to scroll thru pages and pages of 1 or 2 fun facts at a time).

Location, Hobbies, career, interesting moments in your life, etc.

/end FunFact 3

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Fun fact 1: My name has a B.

Fan fact 2: My name has a O.

Fun fact 3: My name has a S.

Fan fact 4: My name has another S.

Fan Fact 5: My name has a K

Fun fact 6: Put it all together and what does it spell? Bossk!

Fun fact 7: I live in India.

Fun fact 8: I think Nessie is a bad name for the Loch Ness Monster.

Fun fact 9: This thread does have no purpose and will be locked soon.

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