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Images to Front or to background

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I thought I remember seeing an option in PDN where I can bring an image to the front or send it to the back. Similiar to Logo Creator 3.5. Works great for "3D type" graphics.

LIke this:


(I started w/ the Troll and the sign, and added all the other stuff in, the raccoon, the corn, the basket, the pilgrim hat. The ground leaves are actually ONE STRING/ROW, I just duplicated them and made them smaller, placing each subsequent row behind. I then took ONE leaf gif and duplicated it, flipped it a few times and splattered them all over to create "falling leaves")

I love PDN, and would love to be able to do this w/ this program instead of using so many diff. programs for each thing. (I already use PDN for making buttons, and smileys)


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Layers in PDN are individual flat canvases. If you copy something and paste it on a layer, you are overwriting whatever pixels are on that layer with the pasted ones. There is no way to send something behind something else on a layer because there is no Z index.

However, you can easily add a new layer and move it behind the current one to achieve this effect. This is how most Raster editors work, since pixels are 2D.

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