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dark border

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hey everybody, i'm new to this forum.

i'm also totally new to photo editing and stuff, so please forgive my ignorance. ;-)

i've got this picture where i would like to make the border darker. (low brightness) the center of the picture should stay the same.

i don't have a clue about how i could do this.

anybody can help?

thx a lot

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1.Add a layer, fill it with black (for a black border)

2.Choose the rectangle selection tool and select from 50,50 to width-50,height-50 and press delete.

3.Gaussian blur, amount=50 (or more)

EDIT: I haven't see your picture

4.For a square image you could do a radial blur 360!

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:AddNewLayer: Add a new Layer

:SelectAll: Select All

:FillSelection: Fill Selection with Black

Use a :RadialBlur: Radial Blur in transparency mode.


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