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Shadow/Silhouette effect help?

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Hi everyone, I'm new, love the tips on the forum.

I'm not sure what the effect is called, but i basicall want to change the guy in this photo


to something like the bit on the right, ignore the t-shirt part, i was too lazy to cut it from the image.


all help appreciated


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This is done by desaturating(Ctrl+Sft+G) the image and then adjusting the the contrast(Ctrl+Sft+C) to about 95-100. Also try playing with the brightness level to get your desired detail...


I was gonna make him bald...


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Alrighty, here's one way to do it:

Step 1:

Select Colors -> Black & White


Step 2:

Trace the outline of the player with the Line / Curve tool with Black as your primary color. If desired, you can create a new layer and draw there.


Step 3:

Fill in the outside areas with Black using the Paintbrush tool. The anti-aliased edges are often hard to get with both the Magic Wand and the Paintbucket, so the Paintbrush is recommended here. Set the brush width large for the larger areas, then shrink it to get the details. Merge the two layers when complete if you chose to use a second layer.


Step 4:

Open Brightness / Contrast. Set the Contrast to 100 and adjust Brightness until you get your desired result.


Hope that helps!

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Hey Ruck, you might know me as Drahcir. Anyway, if it's something like this:


Cut out the image heres a link to the tutorial: http://paintdotnet.12.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?t=5276

Then go to adjustments and select Brightness/Contrast:BrightnessContrast:

Move contrast to 100 and adjust the brightness to suit the picture

EDIT: bloody potato, ye got there before me :)


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