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Where does your sig come from?

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Well, our class took a overnight field trip at a state park. We played a game, where we split into teams, and one team hid. Whenever the hiding team heard a howl, they had to howl back. So, we found the hiding team by listening to their howling. (the game was called Alpha Wolf) The creepy thing was, that night was the full moon, so we were all howling at the full moon. And, after I got home, I put my inspiration together with PDN, and made my siggy.


Do not click!

Time flies when you're eating a donut.

My dA

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my sig is a picture of the sunset from my backyard edited to look like the sun (or a planet) is blowing up. It's my first one, not very creative, i'll make something better in the future. the background is not edited at all, the sky was actually that color, in place of the explosion was a nice, friendly yellow/white circular object A.K.A. the Sun.


scroll down and anything can happen...

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Mine comes for a cover album (again). But it is edited... a little bit. I can't wait until that album comes out... It is gonna rock :) And I can get a limited edition version of the album, and it will be signed be the members... ahhh


My old signature:


came from an album cover (again)


Here is a possible new signature (Just a little edit from my original)


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My current sig actually has some interesting things behind it.


The grass was the first tutorial I remember doing with Paint.NET. From there, i decided to add a sky with stars (second tutorial I did). Then, I used the water reflection effect to make the water. Then I decided... I need my name and something in the water, and a big red blobby thing was the perfect fit...!

I see a lot of people are guilty of trying to copy Pyrochild's sig. I did too... but it didn't come out quite as I expected. I didn't really want to use it though, since the idea wasn't initially mine - it was pyrochild's.


I still like it. :)

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I got my new sig from a pic I uploaded to DA. It was a Chaoscope fractal, but after an hour of experimentation in PdN, I thought the end result was much, much cooler. That was a while ago. The other day, I was thinking about how old my sig was getting. I wanted to make a new one that was 100% original, yet still nice and artistic looking. The only picture I had that fit the bill was "Luminescence" (the name of this picture), so I resized and cropped, and borrowed some features (like the way the text looks) from the original.

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