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Feature request: Additional Paint Tools Behavior

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When trying to paint accurately along a contour to build a mask or get rid of unwanted image details, I find it difficult to stay exactly on my intended area. With a mouse, it´s even worse, to be honest, painting is a hassle to me, i just don´t get it right. It would be really helpful to have a function like painting with a shift, control or alt-key pressed would make the paintbrush draw a straight line to the next point being clicked on. So one could follow a contour with the paintbrush, clicking on and on and the strokes would just draw connected, not as a line of dots.

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Eh, it's kinda the same, but kinda not. The advantage to this method is it's a one-click deal. You click a point, hold [shift], click the next point, click the next point, click the next...

It's like drawing a polygon with a paintbrush, since all the lines are automatically connected. With the Line / Curve tool, you have to click a starting position and drag to the finishing position, hit [Enter] to get rid of the nubs, then click at the ending position of the last line and drag out to the second point. Making sure ends are connected can be a hassle this way.

To be honest, I was working in PDN the other day and missed this feature. So, I'd second the request. Probably wouldn't happen 'til the brush drawing model improvements take place, though.

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Something like that would bee a very helpful feature.

I imagine something where the end of the last drawn line is temporarily stored. And, if you hold down a key, the starting point of the next line drawn will automatically snap to the stored point.

If using the rounded line end point the stored point would bee the center of the half circle.

Just a thought.

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