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lynxster creations ~ 'Parrot Paradise' ~ NEW! 😊

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12 hours ago, Maximilian said:

Glassy swimmers! Love them! LaieA_009.gif


Thanks Max...glad you like them!!  :)


6 hours ago, Seerose said:

Dear lynxster! <3 


Oh my gosh!   :trophy:  What a great entry you've submitted. Thanks a lot!!   :cake: :coffee:


Sorry:  (You are only allowed to give reputation 7 times per day. You cannot give any more reputation today.)  Tomorrow. B)



Thank you Seerose!!  :cake:


3 hours ago, Pixey said:

Awww - the fishies are so darned cute :) .  Would make a cute desktop wallpaper ;).  Great image @lynxster :cake:.


Thanks Pixey...had great fun making them!!  :D

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6 minutes ago, Red ochre said:

Good work on the aquarium/rainbow fish B)


Thanks Red!!   :D   And another thank you for your 'Facet' plugin.  Every single 'aquarium' accessory was done with your 'Facet' plugin as a starting point.

A little furblur here, a little furblur there...hahaha!  Made making them a breeze!    ;)

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Experimenting all weekend with plugins and came up with this.  These are photo manips.  The original image was on my computer from long ago...

I'm sure it was an old wallpaper.





Here, I've glassified(?) it:  (I'm making up my own words....mmm)




And here I foil-lized(?) it:  (hahaha)




Please let me know what you think!  :)      I really like the glass one...very pleased how it turned out!

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2 hours ago, Red ochre said:

Good work Lynxster4 - always good to experiment with what different plugins can do!

I have an idea about what you used to make the second one but I'm foxed on which effects where used for the 'glass' version?
Looks good.;)


Thanks so much Red...I love experimenting.  When I do, most of my 'finds' are a wonderful accident!   B)


1 hour ago, Pixey said:

Ohhh - lovely texture indeed.  SO silk and smooth :)


Thank you Pixey...the compliment is indeed lovely!   ;)

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On 10/4/2016 at 11:29 AM, Seerose said:

Dear Lynxster!  :trophy:


The result is fantastic. I absolutely love those colours.  :star: Thank you so much. :cake:  :coffee:



Thank you dear Seerose....I made this just for you!  <3




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