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lynxster creations ~ 'Parrot Paradise' ~ NEW! 😊

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@Pixey....of course!!  ;)  Thank you much...I'm fascinated with this plugin.  The image underneath is an original of mine done in a fractal engine.  :cake:


@barbieq25....thank you....lots and lots for millions of years!    :cake:  :D


@LionsDragon....I am touched, thank you!  <3  :)


@Seerose....thanks bunches dear!  Love the kitty!  <3  :cake:    (ran out of reps...catch you tomorrow...)

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I have been madly experimenting with @Red ochre's  Tone Gradient Angle plugin with text.


I used Arial Rounded MT Bold font in the following examples, except the last one.  I've found 'meatier' fonts work best, though a thinner one will work if you make adjustments.


This is my chiseled semi-precious gem text;  citrine, amber, ruby, amethyst, sapphire, and emerald.





Here is my carved wooden text.





This is my sparkly, textured metal text.





And finally, my rhodonite letter 'L'.





Hope you enjoy these examples of TG Angle text!   :)



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One last example of @Red ochre's  Tone Gradient Angle.


This is a photograph of a t-shirt I have.                40a_stpetebeach.png





 After much tweaking, it came out like this.  I think it looks like a sew-on or iron-on patch.







Please click for a larger image...I didn't want to size it down. The detail looks like sewing thread!   :)

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included the original photo
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2 hours ago, barbieq25 said:

PB won't load the image for me. :( Which is a shame because it looks like a great piece.


BBQ, this is the best I can do.  PB is not working for me right now.  Hope you can see it better.   <3

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