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I doubt this matters to anyone here, but I used to frequent a forum called TechLinks, which was dedicated to Code Lyoko and general discussion, most of which was about computers.

It offered a great amount of nice discussion and I read it a lot. But, just now I visited the site to find a quickly-thrown up index page made and a link to a blog post, explaining that the site was forced to shut down. And for no reason.

Apparently a member wanted to be an exception to the rules, and since the admins weren't idiots, they didn't allow it. So she went and made legal threats, and finally backed them up. With legal pressure they shut the forums down. This saddens me greatly; it's like someone dangles an ice cream in front of you for an hour only to toss it into the dirt, where you can only watch it melt into nothingness.

The site wasn't illegal, and a lot of sites allowed downloads of fanart and episodes of Code Lyoko without moonscoop giving a care, but since someone pushed it on moonscoop, action was taken.

A sickening disappointment and disgust in people is what I'm feeling from this. May just be a website, but I enjoyed it, dammit :(

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My rant: the price of books. £7.00 for a paperback just doesn't cut it, and they are getting more and more expensive as the years roll by. There was once a marvelous bargain bookshop in Watford, that sold a decent paperback for about £2.00, which is far better, but that was forced out by Waterstone, which seems to control the UK literature market. I can understand how costs and the publisher and sellers' fees may amount to about £5 for a hardback, but £7.00 for a slim paperback! It is ridiculous at a time when education and general literacy needs to be given the utmost importance, especially in Britain, where 1 in 10 are leaving Primary (Elementary) school not being able to read or write adequately. Sheer, utter madness.

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You Americans and your standardized testing :P lol. Glad I never had to do that kind of stuff.

You Canadians and your... syrup. Glad I never have to eat any of that stuff...


Better than writing a test :P Besides, maple syrup is good on waffles.

EDIT: Stupid quote tags ><

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