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Rant: People not understanding the concept of a BETA. GRARARARARRRRR!!!1!one!

"Beta software is intended for testing purposes only, not everyday use. If you aren't willing to have the sidewalk collapse under your feet, don't walk on an unfinished bridge."

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My Rant: I hate it when people think that a BETA release is in fact a true release. I have news for you, it isnt. If your plugins arent working then dont create an new thread or post to cry about, stay with the stable release. Until you know the difference between BETA and RELEASE from a devloper's standpoint, stick with v2.22!! GAH!!!

I said that a while back, I had to go dig it up :wink:

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Yata, he was making fun of your misuse of "their." It should have been "they're."

"They're" is short for "they are."

"Their" is possessive. As in, "Those kids are wearing their new shoes."

I don't need a grammar lesson pyro. It got the point across....

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For the record, here's a better look at it:


Curved surfaces rule...

Another rant: I don't live in Silicon Valley.

Have been watching this one closely since start, This is the phone I plan on getting.

Unless apple have a 3G iPhone with more funtions and at a good price.

and comes out way before SE's X1.

Edit: With a 3G data plan, I can mod you guys anywhere I go :D:lol:

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You can always get a Nokia N800 GSM Unlocked for ~$280...

Yes, I love the N800.

It's a phone?

I thought it's a wifi PMP?

If it is, I already have Archos605 wifi 30GB (Got it for free with my airline mile points)

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