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Oh no... Oh bloody bloody potato.....

Somehow my name found its way onto a volunteer staff sign-up list for a winter guard show at my school yesterday.

Clearly, not knowing my name was on said list, I did not go... (How the hell did my name get on that list?)

They will not be happy about this...

I signed you up online. :D

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I have just received an email scam: :(

I have been sent this by a friend who is in the police force, where they have had an official communication from Microsoft and can verify that this is a genuine message, so please be on the lookout for this very nasty new virus. Having had my hard disc wiped by a similar one a few years ago , it is not a nice thing to have to cope with.

It has already been around since last Saturday so you may already have seen it.

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Today I lied to my girlfriend because I didn't want to go out with her, instead I played around with Paint.NET. And made some fine graphics. I BETRAYED my girlfriend with Paint.NET!!!

Are you insane?

Clearly. Very.

Keep in mind, we haven't seen his girlfriend.

touché... :mrgreen:

No really she's beautiful, but I didn't felt like playing the designated driver and watch my friends having more fun than me :/

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When in reference to computers, disk is the preferred spelling over disc.

Like programme over program: even though those who use programme, it is acceptable, or rather, becoming expected, to use program when speaking about a computer application.

It appears American English is dominating the computing world.

EDIT: you do know your first link collaborates with me?

but a computer hard disk is spelled with a “K” In modern technological contexts
And the e-mail was talking about a hard disk.
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hardly anybody uses a desktop email client anymore :evil:

I do and find them much more pleasant to use - the ideal scinario would be to have an email client integrated into every browser and a database online where someone can store their POP and SMTP settings online (minus the password) and then when someone wants to check their email they click the email button in the browser and type in their database username and email password and the browser connects to the database to get the POP and SMTP settings.

I hate using webmail.

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Myrddin, sometimes I think you're too apologetic...
You should see me in the real world. I've apologised to my bag before thinking it was a person. And, for some inane reason, I apologise for little things that aren't even my fault. Like people colliding into me in the corridor where an expletive would be far better suited.

It keeps things reasonable happy. Especially on the Internet where nobody can truly see reactions.

My rant:

My ill-placed apologising. Damn you!

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