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Ugh! This whole thing is such an adjustment!

My wife and son drove 2 hours out of town and then realized that she had forgot my son's insulin!

After lots of begging, she was able to get a 1 day supply at a local pharmacy.

We are still getting used to this strict schedule and daily routine.

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Really sorry to hear about your son, BoltBait.

I have a large number of clients with both type I and type II diabetes. Managing it becomes second nature. I'm always impressed by the way people organize themselves around this condition. It will take time to adjust but I guarantee you'll find yourselves getting used to the routine.

How is BoltBait jnr holding up? Hopefully everything has a bit of a "cool" factor. Injecting yourself at school always bought a great deal of respect ;)

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Kids are all troopers ... and very resilient.  I hope he gets used to it all asap - must be daunting for all of you to get your heads around.


All the best to all of you and your family.


I think I brought the wrong kid home from hospital with my son.  I walk into the living room Sunday morning and there's a teenage girl in her underwear sleeping on the sofa.

Turns out she was a complete stranger who he met in the pub and she'd lost her friends so he offered her a place to stay ... when I woke him up he'd forgotten she was there.


Scary.  Getting so drunk they forget things and the fact a young girl is so trusting.

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I'm sorry to hear about your son, BoltBait.  You're just never quite ready to hear news like that.  I've had my finger pricked a few times when I was donating plasma, and it's never pleasant.  Here's hoping for a swift adjustment for you all.


Welsh, that is a little disturbing.  How old is your son?

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Apologies Kemaru ... glad you had a good time. In all honesty if it wasn't for my wife no-one would ever have a card - I'm useless at checking calendars

@ Red' ... 19 and thinks he knows it all like we all did at that age. Hopefully the penny will drop that getting in at 5 a.m and getting up at 7.30 for work isn't the way forward. Says a lot when teachers drink with the kids they were teaching just 6 months ago

Edit ... Belated Birthday Wishes Kemaru. See, I'm useless ...

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It's quite all right, it is just internet after all. :D I am not prone to grudges.

Euphoria has faded and is replaced by the neither-happy-nor-unhappy feeling that is my general state of mind 80% of the time.

Probably staying home tomorrow because I really dislike our nude model drawing class.

A) the model is female... Clothes on, yeah, women are great-looking (Mia Wasikowska, Uma Thurman, Scarlett Johansson, so pretty!), but nude? ew. Sorry if I offend the women of the community, but I can't help it :D  

B) I don't like drawing the same pose for several hours. on charcoal. I admit that replicating what I see is probably something I should work on, but 3 hours on the same boring pose? no thanks.

@Welshblue: Wow, that is rather wild. It's shocking how you can forget something like inviting a complete stranger over. No less alarming is that a girl would accept that kind of offer. Is your son the same age as I or a year younger?

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Kemaru, sorry but I am a shocker too with dates. I even forgot my own one year. 


Nothing wrong with stating how you feel about the subject of nude models. 

Art is about expression. It isn't going to spin your wheels so unless you need the marks, don't do it :D


My rant: Wandering around a shop looking quite confused & the shop assistant says: "You're right aren't you?" I'd like to reply that I am quite insane but I am enjoying the conversation with the voices in my head.


Waiting to get served in another shop...waiting...waiting...thinking I really don't care what Sharon was wearing to the do last week as the shop assistant is telling someone on the phone. I walk behind the counter & start to pick up items & inspect them closely. A shop assistant rushes over & asks me in a very terse manner if she can HELP me with something. Well, funny you should mention that, deary, because in fact there is...

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I'm finding the whole photoshop thing quite confusing.  


That could be an age thing and struggling to understand new things.  I hate getting old(er)

Urodynamic testing is humiliating enough without 6 students in the room as tubes are inserted into places back and front.  And not one of them shook my hand before defiling me ... 

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Rant: my right knee is killing me >__> I really need it to function because my bike is my only means of transport — not counting ol' Shanks' pony. Also because I need exercise to function, can't stand without it.
My school is 9km away, and even if I took the train it would only cut the walking distance by half...

I wonder what it is about men and doctors; I just can't bring myself to get the knee checked out. Promised my friend I'd go if it still hurt today though.

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