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Yes. My processor was only clocking in 600 MHz, and it has been like that for some time. The thing is, that isn't editable and it is below the minimum. The fix? Shave off part of the power adapter and force it in. That caused battery detection and now my clock speed is 1.9 GHz. But for so long I had to deal with terrible, terrible PC performance. So bad that I think Rick threw a fiesta when I told him my Copy / Paste bug was caused by it.


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In some rather early builds of Paint.NET v3.5 pasting an image onto the canvas on my machine would cause Paint.NET to lock up for at least 6-10 hours, causing me either to wait out the storm my pasting in the early mornings before class or just to terminate the process. Rick wanted to pull his hair out while trying to find the source of this bug, because we knew it had to be something in regards to Paint.NET knowing that the paste operation worked fine in v3.36. So, when we found out that it was my laptop's power supply, he threw a fiesta, I am sure of it. In Paint.NET v3.5.1 he reverted the paste functionality to that of v3.36 so I - and a few other users - could start pasting away again.

However last night at around 2:00am I finally found a fix for the problem. You see, come to find out if you had your AC Adapter replaced through your warranty on Dell's Inspiron models, they would send you an adapter whose pin was just a tad to short which caused damage to many user's batteries and would cause very poor performance (for instance having your clock speed set to 600 MHz). However, if you shaved off the top of the AC adapter and forced it into your laptop, your laptop would start to recognize the power adapter and the restriction would be lifted.

I went close to eight months with some of the worst laptop performance ever, and I am finally free! Oh, and Dell refuses to replace my battery and AC adapter because both are out of warranty now. I will probably never buy Dell again because of this whole debacle.


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A cluster of blue pixels appeared on my LCD display on my new camera :cry:

I have no idea how it happened...

So now I'm gonna send it back in and hope they'll send me a fixed version :)

"pyrochild, you're my favorite person ever. We should go snowboarding some time."~ 007 Nab. Ish.

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Just had my wisdom teeth taken out.


My mouth is full of blood right now. Just thought I'd let you all know. ;)

When I had my 4 taken out, the doctor gave me percodan.

mmmm.... percodan.

I've got some of that. :)

In truth, however, I find detnal operations quite enjoyable; fun, even.

You are insane.

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