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Rants *enter at own risk*

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Rant: I'm currently using rows/cols to define the size of my textareas, and the size ends up being slightly different in each major browser. Is there any way I can set a textarea to be the same across multiple browsers?

Edit: of course! CSS. <3.

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Yep, CSS is awesome. ;)

Note that rows and cols are technically required attributes (at least in XHTML strict), but any CSS height/width declarations will override the character-defined sizes - they're just there as a fallback, I suppose.

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I am so sore today and think i pull a muscle in my back at work last night. Stupid slave drivers trying to make us do the normal workload when we were like 6 people short.

Well if they are not careful they'll be a whole lot more people short.

Workplace Health & Safety is a bug bear of mine. We all have the right to be safe at work.

Hope you get better soon...& stop picking on short people - I'm short :lol: :lol: :lol:


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Oh, great. I have a really high fever (102 F), I'm coughing and my nose is like the Niagara Falls, I've used a whole roll of toilet paper. IN 9 HOURS.

off-topic: Notice how Kelvin, Fahrenheit and Celsius combined makes KFC? Mysterious...

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It's working just fine and dandy for me, too. :)


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I've gone through all that. Now it seems to have reverted to US English: ()_+


At first the change affected my whole computer, and then just my browser (MS Word was back to normal). I ate dinner, computer went to sleep, I just woke it back up and things are back to normal :?

How about you? Router still having problems?

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The language and keyboard settings are per-application. You can have Firefox set to US, Word set to International, and Visual Studio to Japanese ('cause I do a lot of programming in Japanese... :roll: )

My router is always having problems. I had an MS router that worked great up until it died after just a couple months. Then I had a Belkin that was nothing but trouble. It finally died completely after a year of tormenting us, so I picked out a new Netgear from Newegg. I deliberately picked the router with the best reviews on the entire site. And it's being complete bloody potato. Of course, the problems started a week after warranty expired. Of course.


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