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Rants *enter at own risk*

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Are ads really that bad?


:lol: , some dont really bother me but some are really annoying..especially those little blighters that bypass popup blockers on standard pcs such as in a library etc..they jsut wont go away :shock:

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Totally, they are probably the worst kind..apart from maybe those ones that follow your mouse everywhere but you can never close them via the 'x' because it keeps the pointer near the center :( ..perhaps a duo of a noisy following ad would be the worst ever :shock:.

One that springs to mind is a Ad for smileys that scream "Helloo" etc. rrrr so annoying

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Do advertisers really think that annoying the bloody potato out of their potential customers is going to help them? Maybe I'm just weird, but I'm infinitely less likely to buy something from someone who pissed me off than otherwise.


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Nobody is not annoyed by those talking smileys.

Say something! Say something! Say something! :evil:

Speaking of ads, should I get Google AdSense somewhere on my website?

Rant: A few days ago this guy almost drove over me. The lights were green, and I was crossing the road, and he saw me but didn't slow down even though I was right in front of him! It was really close, if my foot had slipped or something the car would have hit me. :(

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Does anyone else have a problem of Google Chrome randomly disregarding CSS?

No, but IE does it all the time. The refresh button usually fixes the problem.

Speaking of ads, should I get Google AdSense somewhere on my website?

If you are selling a product on your web site, then absolutely not. Why send a potential customer to your competition.

If you are giving away everything on your web site for free... why not? It's free money.

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me too :shock:

rant: Gah! my boss decided to scroll through my phone etc. and now all the settings are changed and its not working properly...then he said to me i have done something to my phone..3 people saw him do it for goodness sake!

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@Rick: not much of a holiday this year then? :lol:

New Zealand has another Tsunami warning in place due to a large earthquake in Vanuatu.

This is the second such warning in eight days. The last one was a fizzer.

My rant: Why can't they figure out if there is going to be a tsunami or not and then issue a warning if needed? :x

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