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Also, is there any other data that should be stored about a stock apart from name, source and category? Rating?

Rant: I wish there was a way to store data in an image particularly here, if there was I could include a feature that can keep-track of stock source links for use with mediums that require such to be listed. :(

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almost at 100 posts yay me =]
This is a bad thing for you?

*Looks at topic title*

Also, Mike, sabrown, others, we're starting to veer off the whole 'ranting' theme we usually have going on here. Perhaps a move to the is in order? Reign back in the despairs that drag our miserable lives? Yes.

Thanky very much ;).

Now what I've just said doesn't seem as powerful with BoltBait up above...

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Rant of the moment:

In Metal Gear Solid 3 and 4, you can have settings for your third-person camera controls and aiming direction controls separately. I got quite used to having the third-person camera horizontal control swapped, but having the aiming controls horizontally normal.

Well, I'm playing Splinter Cell right now, and they just have one setting. I can't aim with the horizontal direction swapped, but I keep turning the camera the wrong way while I'm sneaking.



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Unless you have all ready voided the warranty, I suggest calling xbox. I believe all 360's have a 3 year warranty. My friend did the towel trick one his and its only a temp fix. vs sending it to xbox to have it repaired/replaced. I do believe taking apart the 360 voids the warranty. Just my 10 cents though. I don't know how skilled you are.

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