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Rants *enter at own risk*

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Rapidshare.com is down :evil:

I think it's been down for a while, lol.

Besides, rapidshare sucks :)

Despite RS's cruelty to free users, what am I supposed to when my friend uploads a file onto RS for me to download.

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RANT: I can play HL2:E2 on full graphics nearly without crashes, yet HL2 always crashes. I can play Portal and HL2:E2 as much as I want, but as for HL2, it dosen't want to.

I mean, come on, I want to play HL2, then HL2:E1, then HL2:E2, not in reverse :evil:

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RANT: We went to a big annual herb and nature festival today, and I had a great time. So Yata is saying he enjoyed himself at some festival, woohoo? Where's the rant?

Upon going to the car to get something I was walking back to the festival and see a lady and her daughter walking up the hill. My mom and sister whisper "oh my god" and "wtf" and as I got closer to the lady, I saw her daughter had a fabric leash around her held by her mom! Oh my freaking lord, you sick person. Too lazy to even watch your own child? What a piece of bloody potato person to put a leash on their kid. I was one second away from turning around and asking that lady what the hell her problem was. But I just stopped where I stood, shocked, and glared at her.

That ticks me off...

"Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former"

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Although, in my case, she needed to do it. For some obscure, unknown reason, when my mum said to me "OK, we're going soon." in a supermarket, I for some reason ran off, went outside and hid under our car. I was four.

Although, she kept it on me for a year or three...

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Sooo not in a good mood today. Between people being complete morons (mostly not online... mostly), having my phone taken away for no apparent reason (and I was expecting a call), having a killer headache, allergies beating my poor nose to a pulp, and the incredibly horrible (and yet morbidly funny) restaurant experience (which I will blog about tonight or tomorrow), I feel just about ready to kill someone. Anyone. The next person that looks at me the wrong way, or bumps me in the hall, or sneezes a little too loud. Whatever.


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For some obscure, unknown reason...
Unbeknownst to you maybe, however, most children are in denial about how much of a little terror they were for their parents.

Not me of course, I was never one...



No, I meant I didn't know why I ran out and hid under the car. Although, I wasn't as bad as some of the other children at my school back then. They laughed when they were "lucky" enough to be sick on their desk at school. I pity them, I really do.

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