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Rants *enter at own risk*

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Mike Ryan: Here you go:

http://i218.photobucket.com/albums/cc18 ... eabot3.png

http://i218.photobucket.com/albums/cc18 ... eabot1.png

http://i218.photobucket.com/albums/cc18 ... eabot2.png

As for the rank thing, that would be quite nice. One problem though; Bugster when he's on chocolate, and other people like that. If they were a noob, but posted a lot, we wouldn't want to classify them as a veteran.

BoltBait: Exactly.

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Just was thinking about that. Maybe if we ever get a new forum with a Rep system we could have ranks based on rep, no?

Edit: Actually, perhaps have groups. Plugin Authors here, Tutorial (Quality) Authors here, Galleria Members here... Would be more fun. And it could increase the amount of quality posts.


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you are not serious Mike are you?

something like that will only encourage nonsense one line posting to rack up counts.

substance over quantity. maybe if you really want something like that a vote/merit should be granted to the rest of us all to see if the person reaching milestone ? count amount should actually be considered a veteran or a spammer.

I'm telling you right now most of you high count people would get a spam vote from me. too much chitchat not enough real work. :wink:

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The Mimi Bobeck Award: This one's for the biggest forum troll of 2007 on the Paint.NET forum. As I'm sure you're aware, a forum troll is someone who posts a lot, and whose posts don't always have an overflow of useful content. Not to say that they never have relevant posts, but -- ah hell, it's 2007, you guys know what a forum troll on the Internet is by now.

Quite Possible

The Real Estate Award: This one's for the mod who tends to close posts the most – they are always there, just waiting for someone to break the rules or post something useless. Decide that you're gonna make a post wrong forum? BAM! This guy moves it before you even get a reply. Some n00b spamming the forums with Viagra ads? BAM! Bant! Not only does this guy close posts, but he wields the banhammer in a way which would make Thor proud.

Impossible of course

The "Wrong End of A Massive Pwnage" Award: You have seen it before… a member posts their unsupported opinion as fact and you just watch and wait for an intelligent member to come in and fry them. This award is, as the title suggests, for the member who has been on the wrong end of a massive pwnage, or has one coming their way sooner than later.

Almost Certain

The Proton Award: This one is for the member who, overall, has the most positive input to the Paint.NET forum. Whether it's through modship, Paint.NET help, organizing UBB games, valuable input in the suggestions threads, etc; this member is always there to give something back to the community.


The Big Bird Award: This one is for the friendliest soul on the boards. Thoughts toward the vernacular aside, the winner of The Big Bird Award is someone who's always warm, friendly and fuzzy to the other members.

Doubt it

The Howard Hughes Award: This one goes out to the most eccentric member of the boards. Whether it's stem cell research, abortion, or what they had for lunch yesterday; this member always seems to be on the other side of a debate. Of course, this award doesn't go to just any argumentative soul, this one's for someone who does it well.

Good Chance

The Radiance Award: This award goes out to the most brilliant Paint.NET forumer. This person always has something to say, and sure enough, they're usually right. They know everything about some things, and seemingly something about everything. If someone strikes you as a smart cookie, this is where you can acknowledge that.

Is this a joke? I'm pretty sure I have gained a reputation as an idiot.

The Homer Simpson Award: Who doesn't find Homer Simpson funny?

Well, if you don't, maybe you should read this award description before you vote.

This award goes out to the funniest forum member. Whether it be wit, shock value, clever writing, or some other form of humor which I'm invariably forgetting, this member is always on top of it.

In short: No

The Pauly Shore Award: This one goes to the unfunniest member. Maybe their wit isn't witty, or their shock value is too much. Whatever the case, here's your chance to recognize someone who specifically doesn't make you laugh. Oh, sure, they try... but always seem to come up short.


The Hit & Miss Award: This one's for the member who we miss -- for whatever reason (work, real life, bannination, death by meteor, etc.) they've left the discussion, and the Paint.NET forum members want them back.


The Spool Awards: This category recognizes members who are big names in certain threads or certain types of threads for their knowledge or help.

1) Captain N: (The UBB gamer)


2) The MVP: (The sports guru)


3) Siskel & Ebert: (The movie guru)


4) Rolling Stone: (The music guru)


5) 101010: (The computer guru)


Next, on to the awards for Paint.NET prowess!

The Picasso Award: This one goes to the member who consistently creates the weirdest art (in a good way) using Paint.NET.


The Monet Award: This one goes to the member who consistently creates the most beautiful art using Paint.NET.

I doubt it

The GE Award: This one goes to the author who creates the best plugin of 2007.

Possible - but unlikely

The Marlboro Award: Ever see one of those sigs and thought "Wow, that really makes me think!", or "Gee, that's awesome!"? Well, here's the category where you get the chance to recognize the member with that sig. This award is for the best signature of 2007.

Highly Unlikely

Now, a few things thrown in just for fun!

The ______ in the ______ Awards: Possibly the most fun and lighthearted of those presented in the Paint.NET awards, these are some specific situations where you get to fill the name of a fellow forumer in a blank that suits them. Try not to pick the obvious -- don't pick banned members in the blank for members about to be banned, or pro artists for the professional artist blank. That said;

1) “And your newest mod for the Paint.NET forum is ________!”

Very Unlikely

2) “Wow, look, _________ is showing their art in the Louvre!”


3) “Hey, __________ has his own TV show!”

Depends on the topic.

4) “Hello, I’m _________, and I’m an alcoholic.”


5) “In local news, police have finally gunned down ________ from his murderous rampage.”

Very Likely

6) “OMGWTFLOLBBQ, _________ just got bant good!”


And, finally, the award you’ve all been waiting for...

The Kings/Queens of Paint.NET: This award is plainly & simply the popularity contest you know you all want. You select 4 of this year's most popular forum members -- be they friendly, smart, interesting, funny, some of the above, none of the above, or what -- this award is for your favorite posters.

Highly Unlikely

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