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Because of the required dimensions you won't get the same shape, it will be squashed but with Image > resize, and Aspect ratio ticked adjust either the height or the width not both unless you want a squashed picture.

If you are desperate for that shape without it being squashed, Stephan has the right idea.

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When you resize (image > resize), tick the maintain aspect ratio button then just change one dimension, either the width or the height. If you want it about the size of the white square I would suggest a height of around 450-500 pixels.

Or do as Stephan suggested; use the rectangle select tool, draw a box around the size you want (it will tell you on the bar at the very bottom what the dimensions are of the selection) then once your happy, press Ctrl + Shift + X to crop to that size. This will of course cut out bits but if you really want that shape then this is your best option.

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