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how do you take someone out of a picture?

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Well, i can't agree with you on the Spike... That tut is more copying one person to another picture. I suggest that you take a picture of the boys doing the same, and then cloning the background over the boy.

EDIT: I just realised that this would render this whole question obsolete. I guess it's VERY, VERY hard to do something like this. To use the clone stamp tool, you need a fairly consistent background. Even if you pice together the sand, the rope, and the benches, you'd have to be a photo-realistic drwaing person to create the blond guys arm. I say next to impossible.

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The problem is that this boy have similar clothing that others and any masking program will have a "hard time" to ditinquish betwine a pixels.

The way I see it is hard work, but you can erase the others.

Blow up as much as you can and erase a close as you can.If you erase a portion of the next boy them magic lasso should be able to remove the rest of

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These might help:

"Doing an Invisible"

"Unwrapping Hatteras"

They're from Worth1000, which is a graphics manipulation contest site: it's a photoshop-specific tutorial, but the screenshots should walk you through making something invisible.

Hope this can help!


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